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Beit Shearim & Zipori

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After the 2nd temple destruction by the Romans, in the 1st century, the Sanhedrin – the Spiritual leadership of the Judaism, moved from one place to another, according to the home town of the president of the Sanhedrin.

Rabbi Yehuda Nasee, the president of the Sanhedrin on the 2nd century, was living in Beit Shearim, so the Sanhedrin located in his town. Beit Shearim, in the Roman time was big and rich city and was as the “wheat warehouse” of the middle east.

During the time, Rabi Yehuda moved the Sanhedrin and his living home to the biggest nearby town – Zipori.

Rabi Yehuda still considered Beit Shearim as his favorite home town, and he asked in his last willing to be buried in Beit Shearim.

The Jewish people, after his death, felt a great honor to be beried beside Rabbi Yehuda Nasee tomb, so from all over the country and from abroad as well, Jewish dead people buried in Beit Shearim cemetery.

Beit Shearim became as a Necropolis. A very large business developed around the buried issues, such as perfumes, glasses industry for packing the perfumes ect…

Many years no one knew where this town was. The town discovered by occasionally in the 30’s of 20 century.



The excavation In the town of Zipori discovered remnants of the Jewish town in the upper area, as the old synagogue and a magnificent house called “Dionysus House”. Both of them have mosaic floors. The synagogue floor has Bible & the temple scenes, and on the villa floor scenes from the Greece mythology, includes young lady called “Mona Lisa of the Galilee”.

The Roman town built down the hill as a typical Roman town, with Cardus & Decomenus streets.

More than 40 mosaic floors discovered in Zipori.

In our tour, we will visit Beit Shearim tombs, the tomb of Rabi Yehuda Nasee, later on will visit Zipori, the synagogue, the Villa, the mosaic of the Roman town and the Roman water project they built to provide water to the people.

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