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Christian Tours in The Galilee 2nd Day

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Following Jesus’ Footsteps in Galilee 2nd day

The tour follows Jesus’ footsteps around Sea of Galilee. Jesus acted here for about three years, and most of the miracles were conducted here. In the Sea of Galilee the Apostles were chosen, and Christ gave St. Peter the primacy.

The tour starts on Mount Beatitudes. The Church of Beatitudes was built by Barluzzi on the place related to the “Sermon on the Mountain”. It is a small & beautiful chapel.

We will walk in the footsteps of Jesus, down to the water of the Sea of Galilee and the Tabgha Churches:

The “Mensa Christi” – (the Lord’s Meal) also known as St. Peter Primacy Church.

The “Fish and Loaves Church”, where The Multiplication Miracle of the Fish & Loaves made by Jesus to feed 5000 persons happened on the beach.

The tour continues to Capernaum – the town of Jesus. In Capernaum Jesus stayed in Peter’s house for the duration of his stay in the Galilee, and the same house became the first “Insula Sacra” – the first Church on earth. A modern church was built there for pilgrims. Excavations on this site discovered an almost complete ancient synagogue, which was in use in the Second Temple era – during the time of Jesus.

We will finish the tour at the baptismal site (Yardenit) on the Jordan River. You can be baptized by a Pastor and get a certificate.

As an option: (an additional day or instead of other sites)

- Sailing by boat from Capernaum to Ein-Gev.

- Visit Yigal Allon House at Kibbutz Ginosar – to see a boat from Jesus’ time, which was found on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

- Visit the Kursi Monastery – site of the “Pigs Miracle”



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