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Beit She’an

Published on by Mike Gabbai Tour Guide

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Visiting the Beit She’an archaeological site will give us a better understanding of Roman\Byzantine design and architecture and will shed light on the way of living, commercial life and amusements of these eras.

Beit-Shean was destroyed in the earthquake of 749 CE, and was never renovated or excavated in ancient time.  Recent excavations discovered the town the way it was the day it was destroyed.

Beit Shean, was the most important of the Decapolis cities, and was the only one on the western side of the Jordan River.

At the northern side of the site, on the hill, was the biblical town of Beit-She’an. This ancient town is mentioned in Egyptian Ostracons and in the Bible. It is connected to King Saul and his sons, who were killed on Mount Gilboa by the Philistines. The discoveries and finds date to ancient Egyptian time.


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