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Haifa & Old Acre

Published on by Mike Gabbai Tour Guide

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Haifa is situated on Mt. Carmel and its history is relatively brief. However, based on the Bible Elijah the Prophet was active in the Mt. Carmel area, where he fought the deities of Baal and escaped King Ahab and his wife Jezebel. For this reason, Haifa became a center of a number of religions including the Bahai faith, the Druze, the Ahmediyya   and the Carmelite monks.

Our tour of Haifa will begin at the observation point at the Louis Promenade, overlooking the city and the port. We will tour the spectacular Bahai Gardens and visit the Stella Maris Church and Monastery.

Acre (Acco), unlike Haifa has a history that spans several thousand years as an important port city. The periods which left the most important marks on the city are the Crusader and Ottoman eras. In excavations which were conducted and are still being conducted a whole Crusader city was discovered. Fortresses, halls, partial barriers, churches, tunnels and even public bathrooms were all found here.

The tour will take us through the Crusader city. We will visit the Knights Halls, the food courts, the public bathrooms and hidden tunnels. On the way back we will visit sites from the Turkish (Ottoman) era; the Al Gazer Mosque, Chan El Umdan (Inn of the Columns) and the markets. Jewish history is also represented in ancient Acco – with (the still active) synagogue of Rabbi Chaim Luzzatto (the Ramchal), which dates to the 18th century.

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