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About Me


Mike Gabbai Tour Guide

Until 2008, I established and managed industrial textile factories in Israel and abroad. In my free time, i have always enjoyed walking around the Holy Land and exploring its landscape through the Bible. I consider myself to be very lucky being born and raised in a country in which almost every corner, path and stone plays a role in the biblical stories. Archeological excavations give evidence that the Bible, the Old as well as the New Testament, are more than just myth and tale collections but rather historical documents. In this respect, my decision to transform my fascination for history into professionally touring the biblical landscape was an obvious choice.

In 2009, I successfully finished a comprehensive 2-year tour guiding program, officially licensed by the Israeli Ministry of  Tourism.  As for2011 I am expanding my knowledge by studying “geography and history of Israel” at the University of Haifa.

I´m specializing in Bible tours all along the Holy Land, in Jerusalem, Galilee, Jezreel vally, the mountains(Carmel, Gilboa & Samaria mountains) and the Judean desert, following major stories  of the Old and the New Testament.

I am very happy to share my knowledge with tourists from all over the world. I am looking forward to the continuous opportunity of providing a unique insight into to the historical treasures of the Holy Land, an experience not to be forgotten quickly!

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